Issue 3 - Article 13

Somaliland (April 1995)

October 1, 2012
Humanitarian Practice Network

A state of emergency was imposed by the ‘country’s’ President in December amid heavy fighting in Hargeisa. The struggle centred on control of the city’s airfield, which had been controlled for 18 months by Eidagella militia, who levied tolls on all passengers. The situation is now relatively stable and international agencies have been invited to return to Hargeisa.

GTZ, USAID and the EU have set up offices in the past few months, and UNDP has earmarked US$29 million for the development of Berbera’s port facilities. A national bank has been set up and a new currency was introduced in November 1994 at the rate of 50 shillings to US$1. The new currency has gained acceptability, and is reported to have been used successfully in Kenya and Djibouti. Each ministry now has its own budget; the next step is to draw up regional and district budgets.


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