Issue 3 - Article 19

Croatia (April 1995)

April 1, 1995
Humanitarian Practice Network

Shortly before 31 March 1995, the Croatian Government was persuaded to reverse its decision to evict UNPROFOR, although on the understanding that only half the peacekeepers (from 12,000 to 6,000) would remain.

This decision helped to stave off the immediate threat of war, but has left many Croats disappointed that their chance to regain Krajina was lost. It also puts the UNPROFOR forces, renamed UNCRO (UN Confidence Restoration Operation for Croatia), in a dangerous position as they patrol the same lines with half the number of men.

The Croatian government had earlier reported that its decision to terminate the UN military presence in the country was due to the fact that demilitarisation had not taken place in the UN Protected Areas and illegal paramilitary Serbian militia had not yet been disarmed.


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