Protection from sexual exploitation and abuse and sexual harassment in humanitarian action

Editorial The theme of this edition of Humanitarian Exchange is protection from sexual exploitation and abuse and sexual harassment (PSEAH)…
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Issue highlights

Doing the right thing: protection from exploitation and abuse in humanitarian action
Tackling sexual exploitation and abuse by aid workers: what has changed 20 years on?
Post-#aidtoo: are we setting ourselves up to fail?
How many more years before we walk the talk? Translating safeguarding and localisation into action in DRC
Joint PSEA and AAP Networks: a coordinated approach for system-wide accountability
Accountable to whom? Moving towards a survivor-centred approach to sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment

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Localising advocacy on refugee rights and protection in Turkey

Localising advocacy on the protection and rights of refugees and the communities that host them is meant to be a key policy priority for international humanitarian actors. Yet in practice, advocacy approaches replace rather than complement the advocacy efforts of people in crisis, and fail to empower local and national actors, leading to siloes.
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