We provide an independent forum for policy-makers, practitioners and others working in the humanitarian sector to share and disseminate information, analysis and experience, and to learn from it. 

Through the publication of its specialised resources – Humanitarian Exchange magazine, Network Papers and Good Practice Reviews (GPRs) – HPN aims to improve the performance of humanitarian action by encouraging and facilitating knowledge sharing and contributing to individual and institutional learning.  

HPN’s publications and articles are written by and for practitioners. It plays a unique role in capturing major new initiatives and good practice in humanitarian policy and practice and distilling, documenting and disseminating these developments across the sector. HPN’s audience comprises individuals and organisations engaged in humanitarian action who work in over 130 countries worldwide. They include NGOs in the Global North and South, the UN and other multilateral agencies, governments and donors, as well as academic institutions and consultants.   

HPN is managed by the Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) at ODI, an independent global think tank on humanitarian and development policy.  HPN is valued for its objectivity, analysis, accessibility and relevance. The views and opinions expressed in HPN’s publications do not necessarily state or reflect those of the Humanitarian Policy Group or ODI.