Issue 2 - Article 17

Mozambique (September 1994)

September 1, 1994
Humanitarian Practice Network

Preparations for the UN-supervised elections at the end of October have proceeded reasonably satisfactorily. As well as FRELIMO and RENAMO another 12 parties have registered for the contest. Demobilisation of RENAMO and Government soldiers has proceeded though with frequent disturbances usually relating to lack of pay and food rations.

Repatriation has continued apace – since the signing of the Peace Accords between the GOM and RENAMO in October 1992 approximately 0.9 million Mozambiquan refugees have returned home. The majority of these are from Malawi (0.7 million) with the remainder from South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

Large-scale repatriations from Zambia and Tanzania planned to start in July have been delayed.

Nutritional status data generally shows a stable situation though other types of data indicate pockets of stress. 1.8 million people remain in need of humanitarian aid – a number unlikely to fall substantially until the harvest in 1995.


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