Issue 4 - Article 26

Bangladesh (September 1995)

September 1, 1995
Humanitarian Practice Network

The number of people affected by flood damage in southern Bangladesh, following rainstorms and the tidal surge in May was estimated at 1.8 million people and up to 58 dead. Flooding then spread northwestwards. Water-logging of coastal areas was reported as worse than that experienced in 1991, with serious damage to standing crops, shrimp farms and salt beds.

At first, the Government dealt with needs itself, requesting only informal NGO assistance in June, in particular with pressing health issues, particularly diarrhoea and malaria, but there was no formal appeal for international assistance.

Nonetheless, UN/DHA continue to monitor the situation. Most relief operations were undertaken by NGOs and IFRC in conjunction with the Government’s Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief.

More recently, although monsoon activity has been higher than usual, the overall health situation in flood hit areas (34 districts are reported to have been affected) is under control.


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