Please be aware that this is a past event.

Over the past two decades, millions of people have been left unprotected in conflict zones. Why do people who have the power to do so, fail to commit themselves for the protection of those who need it the most? Above all, this failure to protect leaves a significant scar on the survivors of civil wars, genocides or other internal strives. On the whole, it affects everyone who is involved in these conflicts – aid workers, peacekeepers, journalists, (child) soldiers, human rights advocates, etc. The purpose of this conference is to present the stories books and articles often do not tell. How do the people on the frontline, whatever their tasks are, deal with the fact that they are not provided the adequate means to perform their job to the fullest extent possible. But also, how do you react, when victims are left at your mercy? What is it like to know that your life is worth more than theirs? During this one-day conference an group of internationally renowned speakers will present different answers to these questions, focusing mainly on three topics: the protection of refugees and internally displaced persons; the attention that is being given to women and children; and the provision of food, shelter and medical care.