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Mbororo refugee women prepare communal land for the next planting season in Gbiti (Flickr: UNHCR / F. Noy)

The range of response options available to deal with food security crises has increased significantly, requiring more choices on the part of implementing agencies. While significant effort has gone into improving needs assessments and situation analyses to inform programme response choices, there is still often a disconnect between the kind of information typically provided by assessments and the kind of information that response choice requires.

Many agencies are attempting to diversify their response strategies, and a number of tools have been developed to facilitate the process of response analysis. However, they are under-utilised, there is little in the way of common currency among them and no ‘roadmap’ to help field staff understand and use them effectively.

Network Paper 73 – Response analysis and response choice in food security crises: a roadmap, by Dan Maxwell, Heather Stobaugh, John Parker and Megan McGlinchy, published by the Humanitarian Practice Network, provides guidance through an in depth discussion of the process of making an appropriate response choice, and an analysis of the most important factors involved in that choice.

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Dan Maxwell – Professor and Research Director at The Feinstein International Center, Tufts University, primary author of Network Paper 73

Nick Maunder – Independent Consultant

Simon Levine – Research Fellow, Humanitarian Policy Group

Tim Waites – Disaster Resilience Adviser, Conflict Humanitarian and Security Department, Department for International Development


Wendy Fenton – Coordinator, Humanitarian Practice Network


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