Please be aware that this is a past event.

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Channel Research is accepting participants for our upcoming training in:

Improved Performance in Addressing Conflict: Training in Evaluation Applied To Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding initiatives
23-25 May, 2012 intermediate level, Belgium

This course is intended for people who have already engaged in evaluations, or who have carried out work in peace-building and conflict prevention. Specific experience in conflict resolution evaluation is not required. The aim is to enable professionals who will commission or carry out an evaluation to better understand the fundamental concepts used in this field and to allocate resources in an optimal way, whether this relates to data collection, human resources and time, or use of the final outputs. It is intended to behighly practicaland aimed at the unique constraints of conflict affected or generally challenging environments

The course is designed around the main difficulties experienced by practitioners and drawing on the rich experience from the facilitators Ms Margie Buchanan-Smith and Mr Emery Brusset, both veterans in the field of evaluating conflict prevention and peace building initiatives.

The training will focus on:

  • Purpose, types and scope of peace building evaluation
  • Evaluation criteria, Channel Research’s transition mapping method, data collection methods and analysis
  • Evaluation management
  • Use and dissemination of evaluations
  • Ethics in evaluation related to conflict prevention and peace building.

The course method is built on the sharing of expertise, achieved in an interactive way on the basis of specific project examples discussed and analysed jointly. Participants are therefore asked to contribute their own real life case studies, some of which will be selected for group work during the course.

This course will take place in Belgium near Brussels.

Further information, course outline and application form is attached and available on the following link:

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Maria Bak,Chloe Allen

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