Please be aware that this is a past event.

hcid-poster-emergency-roomHealth Care in Danger – a global challenge.

Every day health workers face one of the most serious and yet unacknowledged humanitarian challenges of our times.

Patients and medical workers are attacked, ambulances are obstructed, hospitals are shelled and violent intrusions disrupt the working of clinics, dispensaries and first aid stations. These are daily occurrences which endanger the delivery of effective and impartial health care.

There are many challenges and the health care community has a central role in addressing them. A one-day symposium in London on Health Care in Danger, hosted by the International Committee of the Red Cross, British Medical Association, British Red Cross and World Medical Association, will bring together key figures to debate the issues and propose solutions.

The goals of the event are:

  • To raise awareness of the issue of insecurity of health care delivery.
  • To permit an important section of the health community and other stakeholders to make recommendations for national and international policy makers.

Three panel discussions will focus on:

  • What are the responsibilities of the health community to work constructively for greater security of health care in armed conflict and crisis. What form does this work take?
  • What action can the health community recommend to governments and inter-governmental organisations to tackle insecurity of health care delivery?
  • How do medical ethics apply in armed conflict and violent emergencies? How do health professionals working in these contexts manage the dilemmas arising from being a witness to possible violations of international law?

It is free-of-charge to attend the symposium which is being sponsored by the British Medical Association. To attend please complete the online registration at

If you have any queries regarding this symposium, please contact BMA Conferences on 020 7383 6923 or 6137 or by email at