Please be aware that this is a past event.

International concern over gender-based violence (GBV) in emergencies has grown significantly in recent years and a number of good practice standards, guidelines, training resources and other tools have been developed. Despite this substantial increase in attention and guidance materials, very little of the evidence and learning from good practice has been adequately documented or disseminated. In addition, differing views on concepts, terminology, and programming priorities have resulted in a lack of agreement amongst humanitarian practitioners on how to define, prioritise, prevent and respond to gender-based violence in humanitarian contexts. As today’s conflicts continue to be marked by gender-based violence, humanitarian agencies are seeking to understand how they can better prevent and respond to GBV in emergencies.

This event will simultaneously launch Issue 60 of the Humanitarian Exchange, the theme of which is Gender-based violence in emergencies, and Network Paper 77 Preventing and responding to gender-based violence in humanitarian crises, by ODI research fellow,Rebecca Holmes, and Dharini Bhuvanendra. This paper reflects on the findings of a DFID-funded review of the literature on this topic the authors also recently conducted. Speakers will discuss some of the key issues highlighted in these publications including the challenges associated with prevention and response programming, the different forms of violence facing women and girls in particular and the ways in which the needs of survivors can be better addressed in humanitarian crises.

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Refreshments will be available from 16:00.


Clea Kahn – Humanitarian Advisor, Conflict Humanitarian and Security Department, Department for International Development (DFID)

Aurélie Lamazière – Gender Issues Coordinator,Geneva Call

Sarah Cotton – Public Affairs and Communications Advisor, International Committee of the Red Cross

Aisha Bain – Advocacy Advisor for the Women’s Protection & Empowerment Technical Unit, International Rescue Committee

Alina Potts – Emergency Response & Preparedness Coordinator, Women’s Protection & Empowerment Technical Unit, International Rescue Committee


Wendy Fenton – Humanitarian Practice Network Coordinator