Please be aware that this is a past event.
Nov 25 webinar, don’t miss it!

ALNAP are hosting their next webinar at 10am, on Tuesday 25 November titled ‘From the Municipality Up: Engaging Local Governments in Urban Humanitarian Response’ ( 

We’d like to get you on board!

Complex as they are in their makrets and communities, cties are also intricate in their levels/structures of governance. As centres of politics and commerce, as well as home for tens of thousands, national, regional and local/municpial government structures all have a role. Recently, humanitarians have taken steps to engage National Disaster Management Authorities (NDMAs) (see But what about local government?

This webinar will present the experiences of two organisations, Mercy Corps in Lebanon and Oxfam in the Philippines, who have engaged with urban municipal governments. All registrants can listen from the comfort of their own home, and can sign up here . Questions can be sent in prior to the webinar, or while the webinar is on air.