Please be aware that this is a past event.

Coventry University’s Centre for Disaster Management and Hazards Research (CDMHR) are pleased to be hosting the BSHF’s International conference: Looking Back at Reconstruction. Date: 15th – 16th January 2014


A report by a special rapporteur to the United Nations (2011) concluded that reconstruction andrecovery too often focuses on physical structures (houses), where for those affected the recovery of livelihoods, social networks or services are frequently a higher priority. Much of the impact of recovery and reconstruction on people’s livelihoods and resilience can only be truly understood in the longer term. Much of what we think we know about the impact of that work is from project evaluations. At the conference a series of invited speakers will revisit reconstruction projects established between 1976 and 2009. Sessions will focus on reconstruction projects from India & Sri Lanka, VietNam, Indonesia and across South America. Each session will conclude with a plenary discussion to which all participants are invited to contribute. The final session will be a workshop to identify common lessons and actions going forward. A book will be published containing a review of each case study presented and analysis of plenary and workshop discussion.


Reconstruction conference