Please be aware that this is a past event.

Moving towards a more predictable and systematic approach

The session is an opportunity for CCEI partners and participants to share their experiences and learn from good practices and bring us closer to having systematic collective approaches to community engagement and accountability.

Launch of Humanitarian Exchange

Authors of several papers and practitioners will share their recent experiences, focusing on the following questions:

  • How can we replicate some of the good practices highlighted in the Humanitarian Exchange papers?
  • What are the challenges around coordinated approaches which need to be addressed?
  • To what extend is PSEA integrated in our approaches at country level?
  • How can we ensure collective approaches become more systematic and predictable?

Plenary to discuss key elements needed to strengthen and systematize CCEI partnership

  • What are the key elements needed to achieve CCEI objective to move towards a more systematic and predictable approach?
  • What recommendations do you have to take the CCEI agenda forward?

Launch of the CDAC ‘How to guide’


  • Meghan Sattler (OCHA)
  • Marian Casey-Maslen (CDAC)
  • Alice Chatelet (P2P)
  • Ombretta Baggio (IFRC)
  • Tanya Wood & Genevieve Cyvoctg (CHS Alliance)
  • Alexandra Warner & Nick van Praag (GTS)
  • Justus Olielo (UNICEF)
  • Alexandra Hileman (IOM)
  • Fergus Thomas (DFID)