The complex humanitarian emergency in Venezuela 

The theme of this edition of Humanitarian Exchange, co-edited with Alexánder Alegría-Lozada from Profamilia in Colombia, is the impact of the complex humanitarian emergency in Venezuela.
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Migrants from Venezuela at Rumichaca Bridge, Tulcan on the Ecuador–Colombia border. Credit: Diego Castellanos/ ICRC

Issue highlights

HumVenezuela: Venezuelan civil society and the right of access to public information
Saving lives and protecting women: sexual and reproductive health as a key part of humanitarian response
Venezuelan LGBTI people living with HIV in Colombia: the need for a comprehensive and inclusive humanitarian response
The mental health of trans migrant people in Colombia during Covid-19
NGOs + journalism: an innovative alliance supporting Venezuelan migrants in Colombia
Communicating with mobile populations in Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis: can social media offer a lifeline?
The climate crisis and displacement in Venezuela

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Localising advocacy on refugee rights and protection in Turkey

Localising advocacy on the protection and rights of refugees and the communities that host them is meant to be a key policy priority for international humanitarian actors. Yet in practice, advocacy approaches replace rather than complement the advocacy efforts of people in crisis, and fail to empower local and national actors, leading to siloes.
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