Humanitarian Europe? Responses to the 2015 refugee and migrant movements through Lesvos, Greece

by John Borton, Norah Niland and Fotini Rantsiou

A summary report of a roundtable meeting on the humanitarian and policy responses to the 2015 refugee and migrant movements through Lesvos, Greece and into the European Union.

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The purpose of the roundtable meeting was to bring together a mix of humanitarian agencies and volunteers, refugee, asylum and human rights organisations and academics in order to better understand the nature of the Lesvos ‘crisis’, the challenges faced by those responding to it and possibly to identify ways in which the overall response, including in terms of policy, might be improved.

The roundtable agenda was designed to move from an initial focus on the humanitarian response in Lesvos to the humanitarian response to the wider migrant/refugee situation throughout Europe with a particular focus on the protection crisis and the role of humanitarian agencies in advocacy. In this way, it was hoped to ensure that the wider discussions were informed by the specific case of Lesvos and that the response in Lesvos could be understood in its wider context.

Issues covered:

  • The Response in Lesvos
  • Principal challenges being faced by humanitarian agencies responding to the movement of refugees and migrants through Europe
  • Protection and the role of humanitarian agencies in advocacy
  • Conclusions and next steps