Becoming an international humanitarian aid worker

by Chen Reis and Tania Bernath

Considering a career in international humanitarian aid but not sure where to start looking? Are you a student intrigued by the idea of working in humanitarian aid, or someone wishing to transition from another sector, and seeking to discover how your education and work experience might be best utilized in the humanitarian aid field?

If so, a new book Becoming an International Humanitarian Aid Worker – 1st Edition, written by two seasoned humanitarian aid workers, Chen Reis and Tania Bernath, is designed to answer these questions and many more! In nine short chapters they provide an overview of the humanitarian aid field, sound advice on skills and experience needed, and how to develop the network you’ll need to streamline your job search and target your skills.

This invaluable information is drawn from first-hand experiences, responses from over 60 interviews with professionals and human resource staff, a nine-month analysis of jobs advertised on ReliefWeb, and from over 500 survey responses. The book is written in a conversational style, and has exercises to assist, and steer you. Extensive, relevant references follow each chapter.