The Haiti Earthquake: Lessons learnt from previous disasters

January 21, 2010

The devastating earthquake in Haiti is proving to be one of the most challenging disasters the humanitarian community has ever faced.  HPN and ALNAP have a variety of resources and publications available which draw on lessons learned from past responses and operations.  To access these resources, please click on the links below.


Responding to earthquakes 2008: Learning from earthquake relief and recovery operations

This paper aims to provide a distillation of the learning from 29 different earthquake responses taking place over thirty years of humanitarian responses

Responding to Urban disasters: Learning from previous relief and recovery Operations



Lessons from the Sichuan earthquake

Response to the Earthquake in Pakistan

Improving NGO coordination: lessons from the Bam earthquake

Public health in crisis-affected populations: a practical guide for decision-makers

Mobile health units in emergency operations: a methodological approach

The meaning and measurement of acute malnutrition in emergencies: a primer for decision-makers

Housing reconstruction in post-earthquake Gujarat: A comparative analysis

Protecting and assisting older people in emergencies

Housing reconstruction after conflict and disaster


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