Issue 15 - Article 6

Evaluative Studies of the International Response to the Kosovo Crisis

June 5, 2003
Humanitarian Practice Network

The purpose of this list is to make all those involved in evaluation activities on the Kosovo crisis aware of all the other studies that are planned, ongoing or have already been completed. The list has been compiled on the basis of information provided at the Sixth ALNAP meeting held at ODI, London, 14–15th October 1999, and from other sources. The list is regularly updated as more information becomes available. If you are aware of any studies that have not been included in the list or wish to correct any of the information provided contact John Borton, ALNAP Secretariat Coordinator: Information on ALNAP is available at

  1. Danida/ETC UK Real Time Evaluation of the Humanitarian Response to the Crisis in Kosovo, March to May 1999. ETC UK, North Shields (covers only Albania). Contact: Phil O’Keefe
  2. UK House Of Commons Inquiry by the International Development Committee, May 1999. Available at
  3. UK Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) ‘Kosovo Crisis: Lessons Learning Study Phase 1 Preliminary Analysis and Findings’ Discussion Paper 16, August 1999. VALID International. Contact: Alistair Hallam
  4. UK DEC Independent Evaluation of Expenditures of DEC Kosovo Appeal Funds. Contract awarded to HPG/ODI in September 1999. Fieldwork to be undertaken early 2000 with draft report by May and final report by June 2000. Contact: Margie Buchanan-Smith
  5. UNHCR Evaluation. ‘The Kosovo refugee crisis: An evaluation of UNHCR emergency preparedness and response’ Team Leader: Astri Suhrke CMI, Bergen. Stakeholder meeting: 11–12 November 1999. Due to be completed by February 2000. Contact: Jeff Crisp
  6. ICRC/IFRC/National Societies: Evaluation of the Integrated Response arrangements. Three external evaluators teamed with counterpart teams. Due to be completed by mid-Feb 2000. Contact: Wayne MacDonald
  7. Humanitarianism and War Project study of Civil-Military Relations during the Kosovo Crisis. Funded by Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and being undertaken in collaboration with the Humanitarian Law Consultancy, The Hague. Fieldwork September to October 1999. Final report to be presented at workshop mid-November. Contact:
  8. ODI research study on Politics of Aid Coherence with Kosovo as one of the two country case studies. Contact: Jo Macrae
  9. US Dept of Defence: After Action Review. Information on timing and contacts to be obtained. Contact ALNAP.
  10. NATO Lessons Learned Study: military lessons. Study completed and understood to have been published in October. Information on contacts to be obtained. Contact ALNAP.
  11. NATO Ad Hoc Group on Cooperation in Peacekeeping ‘Exchange of Views’. Meeting held with humanitarian organisations in Brussels on 21 October 1999. Contact: NATO International Secretariat, Klaus Peter Klaiber phone +32 2 707 4111.
  12. Humanitarian Ombudsman Project: ‘A Possible Model for a Humanitarian Ombudsman: Report on Action Research in Kosovo, 3 August–2 September’ by Raymond Apthorpe and Barney Mayhew. Available at
  13. Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Internal evaluation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs response. Study requested by the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Contact: Frederique De Man, Director of Political Affairs, The Hague
  14. WFP Evaluation of WFP’s Response to the Kosovo Crisis; TOR being finalised as at mid-October. Contact: Rolf Huss
  15. MSF-Holland: Internal evaluation of its role in the refugee camps in Bosnia; coordination in relation to the humanitarian mandate of NATO and experience in the use of standards. Contact: Pieter Giesen
  16. UNICEF: Evaluation of its response being discussed with prospective donors. Contact: Kate Alley
  17. OFDA/USAID. Mid-Term Review of USG humanitarian response being undertaken. Contact Anita Menghetti
  18. Danish Refugee Council ‘Lessons Learned Study’ Scheduled for placement on DRC website late October:
  19. Group of Initiators (GOI), based in Denmark, is conducting a study on ‘Civil-Military Relationships’. The Group includes SHIRBRIG (Strategic High Readiness Brigade), five Danish NGOs, and the Danish Emergency Management Agency. Terms of Reference for the evaluation have not been finalised as yet. Contact Mr. Henrik Nedergaard, Danish Red Cross, tel. +45 35 25 92 00. Email:
  20. SCHR (Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response) Internal review of member agencies’ experience with a particular focus on protection issues. Contact: Joel McClellan<
  21. Groupe Urgence Réhabilitation et Développement (URD): ‘Evaluation of the relations between civilian humanitarian actors and military actors in Albania’. Study undertaken in May 1999. Contact: François Grunewald
  22. Groupe Urgence Réhabilitation et Développement (URD) ‘Albanian Civil Society and its Structures After the Return of the Ethnic Albanian Kosovar Population to Kosovo: Frustration of a Forgotten Actor’. Study undertaken in July-August 1999. Contact: François Grunewald
  23. CARE International ‘Kosovo Crisis Lessons Learned Review’. Due to start in November and be completed by mid-December. Contact: Karen Moore
  24. CRS ‘Lessons Learned Review’ Information on timing and contacts to be obtained. Contact ALNAP.
  25. EMG (Albanian Government Emergency Management Group) which coordinated Albania’s response. ‘Coordination in the 1999 Kosovo Refugee Emergency: EMG Albania’. An evaluation funded by DfID and led by John Telford is nearing completion. Contact John Telford:

Also of interest is Forced Migration Review 5 August 1999 ‘Learning from Kosovo’ Email: or visit


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