Training: Advanced Evaluation of Humanitarian Action

Evaluation Practice and Ethics

This advanced training in the Evaluation of Humanitarian Action focuses on dealing with practical challenges in evaluation. This is the third advanced follow up course on the training in Evaluation of Humanitarian Action. This workshop is for those with extensive experience of evaluating humanitarian action, either as an evaluator or an evaluation manager. It will provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on their own evaluation experience and to use this and the experiences of their peers to improve their own work.

The course will focus on areas which often pose challenges for evaluators and evaluation managers. It will also equip participants with a range of evaluation and evaluation management tools and resources, so that those who wish can deepen their knowledge of particular aspects of evaluation. The course will touch base on Real-time evaluation, joint evaluation, the question of utilization of evaluation and provide guidance on ethical issues in evaluation.

The course will take place close to Brussels in our training venue ‘Orshof’ ( and will be led by Margie Buchanan-Smith and John Cosgrave, two humanitarian evaluators whose broad experience will ground the course. They will work to facilitate learning by the participants and will provide information, examples and links to external resources, exploring some of the cutting-edge issues in EHA, such as ’remote evaluation’ where access is constrained by insecurity.

Please find attached the course outline and application form, which can also be found on the following link:

For any further information, please contact Farzana Islam