Sudan (September 1994)
by Humanitarian Practice Network September 1994

Heavy rains in northern Sudan during July-August resulted in localised flooding but favourable harvests, significantly above those of last year, are now being forecast throughout Sudan. Cereal prices are falling in anticipation of the harvest and WFP is planning reduction in operations in the South.

In South Sudan fighting near the Ethiopian border has increased the numbers of displaced seeking refuge in western Ethiopia, the total now standing at 50,000. WFP barges have been supplying drop-off points along the Nile, and airdrop operations have been operating out of Khartoum and Lokichokio in Kenya to several locations in the south.

Supplies have been maintained to Juba by a regular Entebbe-based WFP flight and the NGO consortium SEOC. Total food deliveries by WFP since beginning of year 25,000 tonnes. After 9 years working in Northern Sudan, Concern recently withdrew from the country because of difficulties in gaining access to its target groups and providing an effective service to its beneficiaries.