Feedback – issue 2
by Humanitarian Practice Network September 1994

Since the first RRN mailing, we have received a number of positive comments some of which are reproduced below:


  • “Really well done and useful.”

    Debbie Guha Sapir


  • “It gives good first hand information and we can learn many things for our activities … We are glad to be part of the Network.”

    Kabi Gangmei
    Executive Director
    North East India Committee on Relief and Development


  • “The RRN is indeed off to a very good start.”

    Randolph Kent
    Inter-Agency Support Unit, DHA


  • “Very informative.”

    Assistant Executive Director
    New Delhi


Welcome as these comments are, we remain slightly disappointed that we have not received more substantive comments or suggestions. So, please, if RRN members have any views on the content and format of the RRN mailings, we would like to hear from you.


This mailing includes a listing, on a country basis, of the present RRN membership. At the time of writing there was a total of 190 members working within 94 different organisations. This number is increasing all the time and we expect to reach 400 by the end of 1995.

The disappointing take-up by Francophone agencies is readily apparent from the list and our priority over the coming months is to encourage a greater participation in the RRN by Francophone agencies. In recruiting the third member of the RRN team (see the advert below) we will be looking for someone with good links with the major Francophone humanitarian agencies.

How Useful is the Update Section?

The EuronAid Working Group on Training and Research serves as the Reference Group for the RRN. At its last meeting some members questioned the usefulness of the Update section whilst other members felt that it was very useful.

It would be helpful to learn from RRN members, particularly those field-based personnel who may not have direct access to the range of information sources used in preparing the Update section, whether they feel it to be a useful component of the mailings.

Currently the Coordinator spends approximately two days each quarter preparing the Updates.