Croatia (September 1995)
by Humanitarian Practice Network September 1995

UN sources estimate the fighting in Croatia has led to nearly 16,000 refugees crossing the border from northern Bosnia (approximately 11,400 Croats and 4,500 Muslims) the majority from the Krajina area. Food rations continue to be provided for 20,000 refugees from the Bihac area, now camping in Croatia, although they are not recognised as refugees or given refugee status by their Croatian hosts.

The 4 August Croat offensive against Serb-held areas left most UN bases and observation posts captured, destroyed or surrounded. One Danish and 2 Czech-born UN personnel were killed during the offensive, together with an unknown number of Serb refugees, despite UN monitoring of the exodus.

Possible future refugee movements are causing considerable concern. In early August, the UN called for 30 governments to prepare a contingency plan for up to 50,000 displaced should an emergency arise, over and above the additional protection and resettlement needed for the 5,000 victims of the war during the course of this year.