Angola (September 1994)
by Humanitarian Practice Network September 1994

The deadline for the signing of the Lusaka Peace Accords set for the end of September was not met though prospects for successful outcome in near future look good.

As a result of the Lusaka Talks, agreement was reached to allow a resumption of airlifts to the cities of Huambo and Malange in August and to Kuito in September.

A recent nutrition survey in Malange indicated the halting of the airlift had resulted in sharp increase in levels of wasting.

Fighting continues in many areas hampering relief efforts as well as seed distributions in time for the main planting season. Relief food distributions running at around 15,000 tonnes/month of which almost half has to be airlifted.

The estimated number of people in need of food and non-food aid remains at 3.2 million.