First International Emergency Settlement

The International Emergency Settlement Project consists of a series of activities aimed at proposing solutions to the international issues of emergency settlement and to study ways to incorporate mitigation and development perspectives into settlement management. As part of this project, the First International Emergency Settlement Conference was held in April 1996. Participants represented field experience from 49 countries.

The Conference provided a forum for 170 professionals with a wide range of expertise and organisational affiliations to discuss the critical issues concerning populations in need of emergency humanitarian assistance. These small working group discussions were based on preliminary conference papers prepared in four broad theme areas: identification and planning of emergency settlement; political, security, protection, civil and human rights aspects; basic assistance needs and social, psychological, economic and developmental issues.

To obtain a copy of the 500-page preliminary conference proceedings (US$50 not incl. post and packing), which consists of the working drafts of 24 topic papers, or more information about the Project, contact the UW-DMC by phone at +1 608 262 5441, by fax at +1 608 263 3160 or by email at You will also find information through the UW-DMC WWW homepage at: