Country: Sudan

Promouvoir les principes humanitaires: l’expérience du Sud du Soudan

Operation Lifeline Sudan (OLS) aspire à intégrer des principes humanitaires et la protection des populations civiles dans son mandat et ses opérations. Ce dossier décrit la façon dont ces lois et principes ont été encouragés par des séries d’entretiens, des débats en leur faveur, leur dissémination et la formation. Un point important est le contrôle et suivi du non respect et des… Read more »

Sudan (February 1997)

In mid-January, a combined force of northern and southern Sudanese rebels opened a 500km eastern front to the civil war and seized two key garrison towns in northern Sudan. The forces advanced on the Roseires hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile at Damazin, which supplies Khartoum with 80 per cent of its electricity. Former Prime… Read more »

Sudan (September 1995)

The rains have improved in southern Sudan since mid-July, easing drought conditions which had prevailed during the first half of the year, particularly in south-eastern Sudan. Insufficient rainfall in June and July in eastern Equatoria, causing greatly reduced yields and destroying crops, has resulted in increased food insecurity in the area, although farmers are confident… Read more »

Le Développement en Conflit : L’Expérience d’ACORD en Ouganda, au Soudan, au Mali et en Angola

Ce document prend pour point de départ le concept de “turbulence” (ACORD, 1992). L’optique prédominante (moderniste), qui fait du conflit un événement exceptionnel qui perturbe le progrès des Etats et des communautés vers le “développement”, a révélé son intérêt limité lorsqu’il s’agit de comprendre les conflits de longue durée de plus en plus nombreux en Afrique et d’y faire… Read more »

Management of Aid Responses in Emergencies

Some six years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, international political and aid systems are struggling to redefine their roles. Major changes in the financing and organisation of the aid system are taking place in the post-Cold War era. Overall aid budgets are declining – at the same time the proportion of funds allocated… Read more »

Sudan (April 1995)

The SPLA and the Umma party signed a formal agreement on 12 December 1994, committing themselves to political cooperation and recognising the right of the South to self-determination. This high-level opposition agreement is sharply increasing pressure on the NIF Government, and reflects growing regional hostility towards Khartoum. The ‘Declaration of Political Agreement’ between the two… Read more »

Sudan (September 1994)

Heavy rains in northern Sudan during July-August resulted in localised flooding but favourable harvests, significantly above those of last year, are now being forecast throughout Sudan. Cereal prices are falling in anticipation of the harvest and WFP is planning reduction in operations in the South. In South Sudan fighting near the Ethiopian border has increased… Read more »