Country: Democratic Republic of The Congo

Rwanda/Burundi/Tanzania/Zaire (September 1994)

The RPF advanced southwards and westwards during July capturing Kigali and Butare at the beginning of the month and Gisenye on the Zairean border on 17th July. Two days later a new `Broad-Based Transitional Government’ was inaugurated. The capture of Gisenye, the transfer of the rump of former Rwandan Government and Army across the border… Read more »

Burundi/Rwanda/Tanzania/Zaire (March 1994)

Following the attempted coup d’état of October 1993 in Burundi and the ensuing inter-ethnic violence, approximately 800,000 Burundians crossed Rwanda (375,000); Tanzania (325,000) and Zaire (58,000). An estimated 250,000 remained in Burundi as internally displaced. The international community’s response was insufficient and delayed in each case. The RNIS for February 94 judged the situation for… Read more »