Discussion on Whether Food Assistance Integrates Nutrition Objectives

by Valid International and Humanitarian Outcomes

A team from Valid International and Humanitarian Outcomes are conducting an evaluation for the European Commission of the extent to which DG ECHO’s food assistance contributes to nutrition objectives.

We would like to ask the wider humanitarian community:

  1. Do you have any good practical examples of food assistance that has effectively contributed to nutrition objectives (i.e. to reduce or avoid excess mortality and morbidity due to undernutrition) at all stages of the project cycle (situation/causal analysis, response design, implementation and monitoring)?
  2. What are some of the main challenges encountered in trying to do this?
  3. What needs to happen to address those challenges?

Food assistance is defined as any intervention designed to tackle food insecurity, its immediate causes, and its various negative consequences. Food assistance may involve the direct provision of food, but may utilize a wider range of tools, including the transfer or provision of relevant services, inputs or commodities, cash or vouchers, skills or knowledge.

Please feel free to respond here or to contact the team with your ideas or examples by writing to Tanya Khara Latimore at echofoodnutreval@gmail.com.